About JAM Band

The JAM Band is a group of passionate Adelaide musicians providing a fun, entertaining, interactive and educational children's show, perfect for an engaging and uplifting creative arts incursion at your school.

We aim to inspire students and help develop confidence and self-esteem through student engagement and interaction.

The JAM Band members have over 50 years of collective experience in children's entertainment!

Our show

JAM Band St Aloysius-43The JAM Band show is aimed at Rec-Y6 students in primary schools involving:

  • Music education
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Comedy
  • Vibrancy
  • Colour
  • and more!

The show goes for approximately 75 minutes and can be easily fitted into your school day. We perform 12+ songs consisting of current well-known songs as well as classics for the young at heart!

Each song is presented in a creative and vibrant way helping to bring the songs to life. We encourage students to join in throughout the show - singing, clapping and dancing with us! 

JAM Band St Aloysius-95The performance includes opportunities for approximately 50 students to perform as part of the show. These students require no preparation prior to our arrival and will be provided with all costumes and props. All of our equipment - sound, lighting, costumes and props are professional high quality.

The show is presented by a 7-piece band using a variety of live instruments including keyboards, guitars, drums, percussion, ukulele, flute, saxophone and more. We also use modern audio technology to enhance the live performance.

The JAM Band provides their own professional sound system and only require access to a powerpoint and a large performance space such as a gym, drama room, or outside undercover area.

When you book

Teachers will be given access to a Google Drive folder containing a list of songs, lyrics, audio and video links, and basic curriculum ideas for use in the classroom, if desired.

The show requires little to no preparation. However, your students will gain more value out of the show if they are familiar with the songs beforehand. 

Please click the following links for examples of curriculum resources from previous shows:

Do the Funky Chicken

Shake It Off

Words Make The World Go 'Round



"Our students absolutely loved the JAM band! The music was outstanding and our kids loved the audience participation. Great props and costumes to engage the students throughout. We’ll definitely be booking again for next year!" - Margie Sarre, Principal, Uraidla Primary School

"JAM Band were incredibly fun, professional and engaging for children throughout their performance at McAuley Community School. They had the kids jumping and extremely engaged, and learners and educators alike were raving for the rest of the day!" - Ryan Mifsud, Head of Music, McAuley Community School

"Was an awesome show! Kids loved every minute of it and even some rocking songs the teachers could relate to. Well done JAM band." - Chris Mibus, Waikerie Primary School

JAM Band St Aloysius-108"What an absolute joy to have JAM Band perform at our school. As a Music Teacher, I loved seeing the kids love it. I think I smiled throughout the entire show. It was great that JAM Band sent their list of songs in advance so that I could practise them with the students, then we could all sing along on the day. Thanks to JAM Band, the whole school got to see just how exciting and amazing Music can be. In fact, students didn’t just see it, they were part of it! I don’t think you can match the elation that comes from kids seeing their peers, in costumes, out the front, and up and down the aisles, joining in with the performance. Sensational." - Joanna Juers, St Jakobi Lutheran School

"It was wonderful to have such accomplished musicians come to our school and put on such a polished show. Well thought through, full of great arrangements to really help our kids experience different layers of sounds and harmonies. One child exclaimed as she returned her props "This is the best day of my life!" Another teacher came to see me at the end of the day to tell me one of her students exclaimed "This is the best day! Even better than my birthday!" " - Amanda Chea, Brighton Primary School

"What an absolute blast!!! The JAM Band’s incredibly clever, interactive performance had our students from Years R-7 (and teachers!!) dancing, singing at the top of their lungs, and in stitches of laughter! Couldn’t recommend them more! We can’t wait to have them back!" - Chelsea Todd, Seacliff Primary School

"The whole 'JAM Band' experience from booking, receiving the song line up/links/curriculum materials, to teaching the songs and culminating with the performance was wonderful. As a Performing Arts Teacher (NIT), I was able to link the songs into my Music focus for my R-2 classes for Term 2 and used them to teach musical concepts such as beat, rhythm and pitch. This tied in perfectly with the Australian Curriculum (however, any year level from R-6 could also work well). The students really enjoyed learning the variety of songs, and then to see/hear them played live at the performance was an absolute highlight. The way all students were involved, and a selection of students had the opportunity to play special roles such as dressing up, holding props or playing instruments was such a delight. I was able to use these special roles as an incentive throughout the term to encourage students try their best, and these students were selected in advance to assist with organisation and the smooth running of performance day. I also involved a group of keen upper primary students who performed a dance number to the 'optional' performance song 'Dynamite'. These students also assisted with the setting up and organisation and supported the R-2 students on performance day (which was an excellent leadership opportunity for them). I would highly recommend the JAM Band experience to any primary school. The band members were friendly, very organised, creative, and super talented! They really understood how to engage primary age children. It was a rich musical experience for all students, that provided us with a focal point to work towards and to look forward to. We loved it so much, we have already re-booked for the same time next year!" - Paula Giugliano, Performing Arts Teacher, St Augustine's Parish School

JAM Band St Aloysius-158"You guys were fantastic! Kids can’t stop talking about it! Thank you." - Nikki Bridgman, Coorara Primary School

"JAM band was really fun and it had a lot of really cool costumes. I was fascinated in the solar system song because it was a song about facts. I really enjoyed it and I hope all schools in SA get to see it." - Matilda, Year 6 student, Balaklava Primary School

"Burnside Primary School were AMAZED by the talents of the Just Add Music Band! JAM Band provided an energetic, engaging and vibrant performance with a variety of props, costumes, musical instruments and a high-quality theatre production centred on music education. The Just Add Music crew are friendly, approachable and organised! Thanks so much JAM Band, we can't wait to see you again next year." - Tanya Henry, Burnside Primary School

Comments from students at Burnside Primary School:

  • "Thanks JAM Band! I would love the show to be even longer - start in the morning, take a break for Recess, keep going after Recess, break for Lunch and finish in the afternoon" (Yr 4)
  • "I like that the JAM Band added humour in the show - my favourite was Sneeze if You Need To" (Yr 3)
  • "The pikachu costumes were fantastic!" (Yr 4) 

Comments from various staff members at East Para Primary School:

  • "Absolutely outstanding!  Children were enthralled!  A fabulous, uplifting experience."
  • "Fun paced show, that entertained students and staff of all ages."
  • "Loved how so many students got to be involved in the show in some way."
  • "Music relevant and of interest to students."
  • "Caused a positive buzz around the school all day."

JAM Band St Aloysius-165Comments from Year 6 students at St Jakobi Lutheran:

  • "I loved it because they didn’t go straight from song to song but they put little skits in between. My favourite song was Dinosaurs because the acting and singing was really amazing and there was lots of effort put into it."
  • "They were very energetic. I also liked how they had so many different instruments. The ending of the show was fun because we got to do our craziest dancing."
  • "I loved how they were in costumes that changed for each song, matching the theme of the song."
  • "I liked the song Africa the best because I got to play instruments for it."

How to book

Please use the Get A Quote form to give us all the information we need. We will then provide you with a quote and negotiate with you to find a suitable date and time. We ask for a $300 deposit to secure the date. 

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